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Lainey Singer |

Lainey Singer

Lainey Singer grew up in an environment of art, music, and creativity. At age three she was diagnosed with autism. She completed high school in Verona, and now lives in Madison with her parents, and younger sister Hannah.

Lainey’s childhood drawings showed an already distinctive style, and tended toward illustrations of people with loose limbs, startling facial expressions, elaborately patterned clothing, and interesting poses. Early illustrations were evocative of the artwork of her grandfather Gene Mandarino, and of Simpsons cartoon characters. 

When not at work, Lainey enjoys being with her family and friends, doing puzzles, travel, water activity, and outings of all kinds.

At Artworking, Lainey often works from photographs, and employs various media and techniques in her work. Her illustrations are notable for their whimsy combined with distinctive attention to detail. Like her colleagues at Artworking, her extraordinary gifts of visual perception and expression have been a source of inspiration, insight and enjoyment to all who behold her work.